Mouse Madness

Gameplay Programmer

May 2018 – July 2018

Mouse Madness

Gameplay Programmer

May 2018 – July 2018

core responsibilities

  • Part of the concept creation process.
  • Implementation of gameplay functionality like player, enemies and playfield.

Game Information

Mouse Madness is an Action game in which you play as a mouse inside a large piece of cheese and have to eliminate the other mice. Equipped with a cheese slicer you are able to dig around environmental objects and attack other mice resulting in them being eliminated or stunned. With mighty powers enabling you to rotate the cheese, you are also able to use the environmental objects as a weapon.

Project information

Mouse Madness is a game created as a third-year project within the IGAD course. During the project development process, this game competed against other games in a so called red-green light competition. After every two weeks, half of the projects got canceled based on concept and feasibility. Team members of cancelled projects joined projects with a greenlight. This game managed to survive all of the three phases until the end.

4 - 11
8 Weeks
Unreal Engine 4

My Contribution


The playfield is the central point of the game and basically includes all the interactable objects within the world. The playfield has a game mechanic in which it rotates including the game objects within.

The system itself is generic which allows different types of game objects to be defined and affected by the playfield. It also includes custom gravity due to the tight areas.

Player and Enemies

I’ve also been responsible for the implementation of the player and enemy. This includes the implementation of behavior like digging, falling and attacking for the player and enemy as with exception the attacking.

Both the enemies have simple behavior in which they walk from left to right. The only difference is in how they are getting attacked by the slicer of the enemy. I’ve also implemented a part of the animations and part of the particles.